Wood Inlays and Bandings

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 Wood inlays bandings are ideal for enhancing woodwork or restoring antiques.  All of these Wood inlays strips were made in my workshop, are all side grain construction, opposed to end grain and they are all sawed versus sliced up, wood inlays are very attractive way to dress up any furniture project .
Discovered marquetry and parquetry about 40 years ago, which I found very satisfying experience and started making my own inlays.
I have been using the wood inlay strips  extensively in my own projects. To see, look at the previous pages

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Tips for beginners.

Contrary to popular belief  inlaying is really easy compared to fancy joinery.  All you need is a router,  some chisels, but some work can be done on the table saw.  Here are some brief tips;  inlay may vary slightly in with and thickness, measure it several places before you start. Make your groove just barely oversized in width and shallower in depth, (inlay will swell with glue).  For best results use a vernier for measurements, it is hard to tell with a carpenters tape.
Next sand the edges if necessary so you have a slightly loose fit; now you ready cut to size,  I use a very sharp chisel to cut inlays.  Some inlay may fit on all corners but most just not going to make it, all depends on the pattern and the size of job you are doing.  First; mark the center of the grooves ( from end to end) on all four sides.  Second; fit the corners but leave the inlay about 1/2" longer than the halfway mark .Do the same on all corners. Now you got 8 pieces of inlay ( on a smaller job) overlapping in the middle, using the center mark as reference point check how the pattern in the inlay  going to fit in the middle, some cases the cutting line may be off center slightly. Once you fit one side tape it down so it won't move on you, do all sides and tape it all together so it can't move in the gluing process.  I clamp it or use a press and a thin sheet of foam, if careful you will have a perfect fit.
Good luck and I hope you will have a satisfying experience.

Best regards, George Varga

Shipping info:
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